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We source candidates via multiple methods. These would include;

Database Searching: Given our constant advertising and networking, our database is always growing with talent. Definitive use an innovative all-in-one solution recruitment tool that encourages proactive search and making use of relationships. We adopted this solution whilst in its early stages as part of our commitment to innovation and we have grown with the technology as it is released. Invenias is the only executive search and recruitment tool that is delivered as a Microsoft Office Business Application (OBA). Powered by MS Outlook, Invenias provides a single unified desktop for us recruitment professionals. Definitive made the decision to host our systems within a Tier 1 World Class Data Centre for obvious Security and DR purposes.

Recruitment Affiliates / Partners: We have already and will continue to establish relationships with recruiters within the industry that we know and trust. We will therefore utilise them when necessary to help us identify candidates required for specific positions.

We are always networking! This is a constant and ongoing method of recruitment that is possibly the most effective and highly adopted at Definitive. We have the time and patience to do this and believe this to be a key advantage of working with Definitive given the trust levels we create.

Due to our ever growing popularity, we are always being referred to new candidates and visa versa. When multiple positions exist requiring the same skills, we often have the opportunity of pulling teams of people together when a good candidate is identified within another enterprise, assuming it's not one of our clients that is!

We advertise specifically for each vacancy where required and people applying are sometimes not right for one role you have, but maybe be perfect for another! (See advertising Section below)

Executive Search: A more refined retained service is planned for the future. This is likely to be better available during 2010 to our clients. Naturally, this will only ever be performed after establishing any restraining clauses which may exist with our existing client base.

Every client has different needs and is account managed accordingly. None of our clients are used as a searching ground for the other clients. However, we are a recruitment consultancy and we will therefore consistently advertise on renowned Internet media, adding to our database along the way. We receive many applicants and on occasion, possibly even employees of yours will contact us and expect us to respect their confidentiality under the Data Protection Act.
We would always inform you along the way of any difficulties encountered in terms of finding the relevant candidate(s). We would try all means feasible to get the right level / calibre of candidate to you (as always) and would hope that as a client you would be fully co-operative when we do find such an individual and act with the necessary speed to secure the individual(s)

Naturally we make full use of Internet Job Boards and will where required utilising national press / tabloids and industry specific magazines,  generally used when undertaking one off client paid advertisements – working closely with you to exclusively fill a single role or a complete set of requirements. The latter is obviously a lot more expensive than the effective use of consistent job board and various other online media advertising.

Most advertising is carried out with Definitive representing you as an unnamed client. We would take a detailed brief from you and once the role / position is fully understood by us, we would compose an attractive advertisement specific to the vacancy and skills set required.

Definitive can advertise with your client name on occasion, if preferred.

Internet advertising credit is purchased in bulk and in advance as we receive preferential rates. We pass this benefit on to you - the client, and offer all standard internet advertising to you 'free of charge'.

Branded and Banner advertisements of all sizes are available and can be discussed in more detail. Charges for these services are completely dependant on the volume of recruitment and exclusivity offered to Definitive.
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