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What do we need from you so we can help you to find your next employee Superstar?

Job description
If you haven't yet tackled this part then we're happy to help - call us with your requirements and we'll be more than happy to put together a professional, detailed job specification for you

Salary range
What is the realistic range that your salary budget can accomodate? Would there be any flexibilty for you to stretch for that 'perfect person'?

Ideal start date
Do you have a start date in mind or are you going to wait until the right candidate comes along and work around their notice period?

Background to the role
Is this a new position? Has someone recently left the role or will there be a handover period for the new employee? The more you can tell us, the better.

We like to visit all of our existing and potential clients to get a feel for how you operate, your company culture, changes etc. - it also helps us to direct lost candidates to your office if we've been there ourselves!

Brief us here...

You can brief us for your job by completing the short form below:

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